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Fruit juice


Located in the basin, Ueda City has a lot of fruits due to the climate.
To benefit from this, we carefully squeeze only products made in Nagano 
one by one. Because we have our own manufacturing method,
You can enjoy the original taste of the ingredients,
which is completely different from the concentration and reduction.
We also do consignment processing, so please contact us for details.

Hand-pressed apple juice

We have 4 types of apple juices, Fuji, Akibae, Shinano Gold, and Shinano Sweet.

Generally, it is said that the lighter the color of an apple (yellow), the stronger the acidity, and the darker (red) the stronger the sweetness.

Sweet apple juice that is packed with natural taste.

Red perilla juice

Red perilla is a Japanese herb that has been native to Japan for a long time.

We squeezed perilla, which is rich in iron and calcium, into juice.

It has the effect of suppressing hangovers and increases in blood pressure.

Grape juice

Grape(kyoho) juice without any additives.

Kyoho contains polyphenols and other nutrients that help restore eyesight, so it can be used to prevent lifestyle-related diseases.

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