​“Aiming for a refreshing and No off-flavor sake”

We are making sake mainly by family at Shiodadaira, Uedacity, Nagano prefecture,Japan, starting with a female toji in 2016.

Located in a basin surrounded by mountains, it is a scenic area with many hot springs and temples and shrines in the surrounding, and our brewery was founded in 1891.

Using locally grown sake rice grown in the blessings of the refreshing water and the sun, we are pursuing a refreshing taste that does not have off-flavor, and we are working to make the sake enjoying with a meal, with your precious person.

Local Ingredients 
Natural cooling
Squeeze by Fune

Introduction of year-round products

〒386-1325 466 Nakano, Uedacity, Nagano, JAPAN  Wakabayashi Brewing Co., Ltd.  TEL:0268-38-2526 FAX:0268-38-0225

Get off at Nakano Station, Ueda Electric Railway Bessho Line, 3 minutes on foot     Regular holiday: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays

OPEN DAY: open on weekdays and the third Saturday of every month.

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