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Cotton recycling farming method

As a new initiative of Wakabayashi Brewing from 2020

We use organically grown sake rice.

We asked Gohara Organic Farm in Shiodadaira Plain to cultivate it.

We grow a comfortable place in a field that is a 10-minute walk from our brewery.


Organic farming without pesticides

A direct-sown farming method in which a cotton sheet containing seed paddy is spread without planting rice. Since it is grown without using any pesticides, it is a farming method that is kind to both the environment and living things.


Recycle cotton

The entire paddy field is covered with a multi-sheet made from waste cotton produced in the process of making cotton products, with seed paddy sandwiched between them. It holds down weeds and only rice sprouts break through the cotton.


Maintaining soil fertility

The spread cloth is decomposed by soil microorganisms over about two months and becomes soil organic matter, which helps maintain soil fertility.

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