The best rice and water could produce great products.

In 1896, the founder Manbei Wakabayashi started sake brewing in Shiodadaira plain, where is blessed with fertile land and natural water.

We are keeping  effort to make sake which is loved , needed by people , and helps their meal enjoy because of the founder's motto, "what the worthful sake is to be loved". 











Main brand is "TSUKIYOSHINO".

TSUKI means moon, and YOSHINO means cherryblossoms.

We have the beautiful culture "OHANAMI" which people enjoy the transit beauty of cherry blossoms with sake in spring , japan. When the founder enjoyed a night party under the cherry blossoms, he saw a flurry of cherry blossoms in the wind at full moon and thought how beautiful it is.

We believe to respect for the taste, elegance, and nature leads to that japanese sake culture become more flourishing. 

Company information

​Company name Wakabayashi Brewery Co., Ltd.

President Fumio Wakabayashi

Location 466 Nakano, Ueda, Nagano TEL: 0268-38-2526 FAX: 0268-38-0225

Founded October 1896 

Capital 10 million yen

Business contents Manufacture and sale of sake, manufacture and sale of soft drinks (juice, amazake), pickle production

House bank Hachijuni Bank, Ueda Shinkin Bank

Business hours 8:30-17:30 Closed on weekends and holidays

〒386-1325 466 Nakano, Uedacity, Nagano, JAPAN  Wakabayashi Brewing Co., Ltd.  TEL:0268-38-2526 FAX:0268-38-0225

Get off at Nakano Station, Ueda Electric Railway Bessho Line, 3 minutes on foot     Regular holiday: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays

OPEN DAY: open on weekdays and the third Saturday of every month.

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