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Shuei Apple Juice 720ml

Shuei Apple Juice 720ml


Shuei is a reddish-black apple with a sweet and sour taste. This is one of the three Nagano apple brothers born from "Chiaki" and "Tsugaru".


Nagano Prefecture produces a wide variety of agricultural products and is top-class in apple production.

We carefully squeeze the farmer's apples one by one and pack the freshly picked taste into the bottle.

You can enjoy the original natural sweetness of apples, which is different from concentrated reduction.


  • Raw material name

    apple, vitamin C

  • expiry date

    Shows 2 years from manufacture

  • Preservation method

    Please store away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity. After opening, store at 5 degrees or less.

  • Products subject to reduced tax rate

    Tax-excluded price: 880 yen

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