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Tsukiyoshino Midori Unfiltered Raw Sake 720ml

Tsukiyoshino Midori Unfiltered Raw Sake 720ml


Brewed using local rice from the Takeishi district of Ueda City.

It is a sake with a gorgeous aroma and a refreshing taste that fully expresses the characteristics of Yamakei Nishiki.


Fragrance: Fruity gorgeous fragrance

Taste: Clean, sweet, light taste.

Less sour. Cold sake is recommended.



Item: Sake (junmai ginjo sake)

Ingredients: rice, rice koji

Raw material rice: 100% Yamakei Nishiki from Nagano Prefecture

Rice polishing ratio: 55%

Alcohol content: 15 degrees

  • Storage method

    Be sure to refrigerate. Please consume immediately after opening.

  • I've been drinking since I turned 20. Delicious and just the right amount.

    Drinking alcohol during pregnancy and lactation may affect the development of the fetus or baby.

  • Choose a courier

    This is unpasteurized unpasteurized sake. Please place your order after selecting Cool Delivery as the delivery method.


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