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Tsukiyoshi Red

Tsukiyoshi Red


Dry pure rice sake fermented to +10 sake meter. Recommended for those who want to take their time and enjoy drinking, or as a second or third drink.



Aroma: Mild

Taste: Refreshing, dry, sharp, with a slight aftertaste


Item: Sake (pure rice sake)

Ingredients: rice, rice koji

Rice used: 100% Hitokogochi from Nagano Prefecture

Rice polishing ratio: 70%

Alcohol content: 15 degrees

  • Storage method

    Store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and consume as soon as possible after opening.


  • I've been drinking since I turned 20. Delicious and just the right amount.

    Drinking alcohol during pregnancy and lactation may affect the development of the fetus or baby.

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