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Tsukiyoshi's Red Unfiltered Nama Sake 720ml

Tsukiyoshi's Red Unfiltered Nama Sake 720ml


Dry pure rice unfiltered raw unprocessed sake made locally in Shiodaira.

Fermented to sake degree +11 to reduce sweetness as much as possible.

Although it is raw sake, it can be enjoyed even after it has been taken out of the refrigerator for a while and the temperature has returned to normal temperature.


Aroma: Fruity aroma (Ginjo incense)

Taste: dry, clean, light taste


Item: Sake

Made with 100% Hitogokochi from Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture

Ingredients: Rice (produced in Nagano Prefecture), rice malt (rice produced in Nagano Prefecture)

Rice polishing ratio: 70%

Alcohol content: 16 degrees

  • Storage method

    Please be sure to refrigerate. Please consume immediately after opening.


  • I've been drinking since I turned 20. Delicious and moderate amount.

    Drinking alcohol during pregnancy and lactation may affect the development of the fetus or baby.

  • Be sure to choose Cool Delivery

    This is unpasteurized unpasteurized sake. Please change the delivery method from standard delivery to "cool courier" on the screen before proceeding to the checkout, and check once more before proceeding to payment.

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