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Tsukiyoshi no Sakura

Tsukiyoshi no Sakura


For those who have never tried Tsukiyoshino, we recommend this first.


Although it can be served cold or hot, this sake is best served lukewarm.

The feature is that you can enjoy it for a relatively long time after opening.


Fragrance: Features a scent (Ginjo incense)

Taste: Umakuchi-slightly spicy, refreshing, sourness ◎, recommended warm


Item: Sake (special junmai sake)

Ingredients: rice, rice koji

Raw material rice: Uses 100% Hitogokochi from Nagano Prefecture

Rice polishing ratio: 59%

Alcohol content: 15 degrees

  • Storage method

    Store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and consume as soon as possible after opening.


  • I've been drinking since I turned 20. Delicious and just the right amount.

    Drinking alcohol during pregnancy and lactation may affect the development of the fetus or baby.

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