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Drinking under the age of 20 is prohibited by law

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(1) Regarding consumption tax, the system does not support the reduced tax rate, so the correct tax rate will not be displayed for the target product.Only for products subject to the reduced tax rate, we will send a delivery note specifying the correct tax rate together with the product, so please check it.

② You can choose between cool delivery service and regular delivery service.If you are purchasing unpasteurized sake, please be sure to choose cool delivery service.

​③ Please fill in the desired delivery time zone and desired delivery date in the customer information entry field. If you have any other comments such as the type of Noshi, please enter them in the "Add remarks" column​

[About the delivery note]

After ordering, you will receive an order confirmation email by email, so please check there.

​ *Only products with reduced tax rates will be sent with a delivery note.


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